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Attractions & Experiences at Gulliver's Land

We've gots lots of themed play areas and fun activities, plus loads of rides too - our park map will help you find your way around.

Play Areas and Fun Activities

Adventure Land Maze
Adventure Land

A combination of mystery and adventure. Can you find the centre of the maze? 


Monkey Climb
Adventure Land

Have a little break from the rides with this climbing attraction. 

Forest Ball Crawl
Adventure Land

Slither, slide and swim amongst the forest ball crawl. 

Gully's Outdoor Play
Gully Town

A perfect area to sit and have a coffee while the children play. 


Rocky Mountain Adventure Fort
Discovery Bay

Spend some time exploring the adventure fort and enjoy great views of the park. 

Gully Mouse's Magical Castle
Lilliput Land Castle

No visit to Gulliver's Land would be complete without visiting Gully's Magical Castle. 

The Enchanted Forest
Lilliput Land Castle

Walk through the enchanted forest to see the animals and listen to the talking trees. 

Forest Play Area
Lilliput Land Castle

For those not quite ready for the bigger rides don't forget to visit this enchanting forest play area. 

Junior Cowboy Town
Junior Discovery Cove

Step into the Wild West with our junior cowboy town.

Sand Dig
Junior Discovery Cove

Build your own fort out of sand or dig for lost treasure. 

Animal Fields
Farm Park

Tour Farmer Gully's Animal fields and see your favoruite farmyard animals! FInd Pigs, Chickens, Cows, Goats, Alpacas, Ponies and More.

Tractor Ride
Farm Park

Come and climb aboard the tractor and take a trip around the funky farm. What animals can you see?

Mini Diggers
Farm Park

Jump aboard our Mini Diggers in our digger training area.

Mini Tractors
Farm Park

Can you get yourself around the track by using the pump handle?

Farmyard Play
Farm Park

A great colourful play area for children to climb and slide, whilst the parents have a coffee.

Farmhouse Kitchen
Farm Park

Why not come along to the Farmhouse Kictchen Cookery School and use your skills to make a healthy meal from crops grown on the farm!

Insect Island
Farm Park

Walk amongst giant, moving creepy crawlies! Including a Giant Centipede, Giant Wasp and a Giant Red-kneed Tarantula

Duck Feeding
Farm Park

Feed the Ducks and watch as they swim up to see you...it really is a Frenzy!

Potting Shed
Farm Park

This is where you can find out about pottings flowers, plants and crops.

You may even be able to pot a seed yourself and take it home.

Poo Pavilion
Farm Park

It's all about POO in the poo pavilion....

Is it good or bad? Which animal is best for helping to grow crops? Could we use human poo for fuel, or maybe even chicken poo...it's all here in the poo pavilion.

Wash your hands afterwards it's a very hands on attraction!

Animal Barn
Farm Park

A place to come and be up close to the many animals on Farmer Gully's Farm.

With daily meet and greets please check the schedule for animals and times.

Cuddle Corner
Farm Park

This is where you can come and have a cuddle with one of the little animals at the farm such as rabbits or guinea pigs. Get up close and personal with some of the more lovable animals.

Farm Park

The feathered friends of Farmer Gully are here...

From finch's and quails to budgies theres lots to see in the aviaries. How many different species can you see?

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